Tuesday February 7, 2017

Tonight on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

Can two distinct populations with diametrically opposed world views continue living as one nation? Scripture does not speak optimistically when it comes to the future harmony of wheat and tares, sheep and goats.

Tonight at 7:00pm EST join Team Hagmann, broadcasting live from our studio in Northwest Pennsylvania for the latest in news, accompanied by analysis and commentary from Host of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Douglas J Hagmann and Co-host, Joe Hagmann.

In hour two, starting promptly at 8:00pm EST, join us in welcoming debut Hagmann Report guest, Mr Robert D Steele. Robert Steele is a former United States Marine. After serving our country in The Corps, Mr Steele signed on with The Central Intelligence Agency as an overseas Case Worker, tasked with standing up multiple missions in the global war on terror.

Mr Steele was also a candidate for President of the United States, running as a Libertarian until it became evident that his analysis and subsequent agenda did not align properly with the party platform.

Your presence is required this evening as we engage this top notch guest, Mr Robert David Steele. I will tell all of you, as a little inside baseball, Doug Hagmann is anticipating an information dense interview with Mr Steele and that basically guarantees all of us a killer show.

Hour three tonight, it is, once again, time for Tuesdays With Stan. Stan Deyo is himself a former government insider, having worked as an undercover operational asset for the FBI. Stan brings his unique brand of information dissemination to the Hagmann Report, covering everything from geopolitics to geophysics, government cover-ups to the real deal behind the best known Bible stories.

Thank you for your time, your prayers and your trust as we work daily with the resources the Lord provides to make sense of times such as these. Please partner with us if you are able. If those of you who can bless the program with even $5 a month, but do so consistently, we commit to bringing on the absolute best guests we can and elevating this program and the community who make happen to the highest level possible. Remember, you make this happen. Have a powerful and productive day.

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