Wednesday February 1, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

Join us this evening at precisely 7:00pm EST as double-trouble investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann break out the sledge hammers and bash fake news all over the Hagmann HQ. Hour one will consist of news, analysis and the biggest item on Drudge this morning, President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who somehow suffocated himself at NWO minion, John Poindexter’s ranch last year.

In hour two tonight, at 8:00pm EST, be sure to catch return guest, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt, a new and valued friend of the program. I received an email from Mr Listz last night during the broadcast and he stated that he has revelatory information to share based on artifacts discovered in Egypt. Dark Journalist is the purveyor of a killer podcast available on YouTube.

Stick around for hour three this evening. At 9:00pm EST, Doug and Joe open up the Hagmann mic to our official Hagmann Report minister, Pastor David Lankford. Pastor Lankford preaches the good news at The Voice of Evangelism and his sermons may be found here.

As always thank you for your trust in our program and please consider partnering with us, as every little bit helps Doug and Joe keep this train on the tracks…no matter how many hairpin turns and “bridge out” signs. God bless you all. Have a powerful and productive day and be sure to unwind with us tonight, starting at 7:00pm EST on one of our three live broadcast platforms.

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